Fourth academic conference organised by the Mühlhausen-based Research Working Group on the History of the Free Imperial Cities in preparation

„Darum sey es jetzt auch an dem, dass man sich absöndere von Anderen in dieser Stadt, und sammle eine reine Kirche und Gemeinde der rechten Kinder Gottes.“ (“Therefore we shall separate ourselves from the others in this town and establish a pure and righteous church and community of God’s children.”) Huldrych Zwingli (1484–1531), reformer of the Imperial City of Zurich, had great difficulty refuting the positions of other reformer who demanded religious plurality. There are many, he wrote in 1525, who have already taken this position. The unity of the city – not just regarding its religion – seemed endangered, and now it was Zwingli’s turn to urge his congregation to be forbearing.

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